Používanie cookies

Táto webstránka používa len slušné cookies a preto podľa nariadenia Európskej komisie nemusí mať otravnú hlášku.

Cookies clearly exempt from consent according to the EU advisory body on data protection include:

  • user-input cookies (session-id) such as first-party cookies to keep track of the user's input when filling online forms, shopping carts, etc., for the duration of a session or persistent cookies limited to a few hours in some cases
  • authentication cookies, to identify the user once he has logged in, for the duration of a session
  • user-centric security cookies, used to detect authentication abuses, for a limited persistent duration
  • multimedia content player cookies, used to store technical data to play back video or audio content, for the duration of a session
  • load-balancing cookies, for the duration of session
  • user-interface customisation cookies such as language or font preferences, for the duration of a session (or slightly longer)
  • third-party social plug-in content-sharing cookies, for logged-in members of a social network.